Hive Vendors

Cate Rowe (winter)
Bowerbox Press (winter)
Frye Glass (winter)
Pure American Naturals (winter)
Elegant Country Style (winter)
Sarah’s Sweet & Savory Snacks (winter)
A Little Blue Fish (winter)
Grateful Glass (winter)
Blue Dyer Distilling Co. (fall, winter)
Blooms by Bennetta (winter)
Joyfully Vintage (winter)
Little Blue Table (fall, winter)
Raising Kane Design (fall, winter)
Jacqueline Handley Designs (fall, winter)
Cottage Love (fall, winter)
Botany Lane Pottery (fall, winter)
Silk Reincarnations (fall, winter)
Open Book Chocolates (fall, winter)
Chocolate Moonshine DC (fall, winter)
Zach’s Zig Zagging Crayons (fall, winter)
The Freshglow Co. (winter)
Charmed (fall, winter)
Reclaimed by You (fall)
Farmhouse Design District (fall)
Felt Up Girl (fall)
The Farmhouse (fall)
Sykesville Painting Club (fall)
The White Shed (fall)
Simple Refindings (fall)
Antique Pipeline (fall)
European Vintage Chic (fall)
Jo Kelly Painting (fall)
Unearth’d Treasures (fall)
Swede-Art (fall)
Heirloom23 (fall)
Vintage Reborn (fall)
Avant Garden Pottery
Soy Love Candles (fall)
Cockley Antiques (fall)
Refabuluz Vintiques (fall)
 Tucker’s Treasures
Mary Elise Burns (fall)
Robin Culkin Art Studios (fall)
Mechelle (fall)
Hilltop Farm (fall)

Live Music

The Oella Fellas (fall, winter)
Michelle, Michelle (fall)
Jacob Panic (fall, winter)

Food Trucks

Rollin’ Smoke BBQ (fall, winter)
That Smoothie Place (fall, winter)
Holy Crepes (fall)
Fire & Cork Candle Co. (winter)
Happi Nest (winter)
Nine Loulou (winter)
Ogdenarthaus (winter)
The Woodsmith Family (winter)
Neat Nick Preserves (winter)
Serene Lavender Farm (winter)
All Washed Up Gems (winter)
Reclaimed (fall, winter)
Jewelry & Weavings by Elsa (fall, winter)
It is What it Was in Parkton (fall, winter)
Sarah’s Stitches (fall, winter)
Fair-Thee-Well (fall, winter)
Sister’s Salvage Shed / Rust (fall, winter)
Lisa’s Love Cookies (winter)
BJ’s Felting (fall, winter)
Jennifer King Designs (fall, winter)
EJG Wood (fall, winter)
Honeybee Home (fall, winter)
Farmgirl Chic Vintage (fall, winter)
Buoy Greetings (fall, winter)
The Bathing Raven (fall, winter)
Hon’s Honey (fall, winter)
Simply Ghee (winter)
Kim’s Kitchen (fall, winter)
The Biscuit Maker (fall, winter)
Soaps by Serena (fall, winter)
The Vintage Barn (fall)
Amy’s Stuff (fall)
Letters by LeVault
Peacock Barn Creatives (fall)
Floriculture Micro Farm (fall)
Woodheads Furniture Design (fall)
Ground Chuck Designs (fall)
Studio Tuesday (fall)
Flowering Branch (fall)
Wear the Heart is Boutique (fall)
Eclectica (fall)
Honey Bee Secret (fall)
Kitsch Witch Studios (fall)
Quotucated (fall)
Barb Haigwood (fall)
Stephanie’s Bite Size Bakery
Annapolis Caramel Company (fall)
Sweet Nubbins (fall)


Among the Willows (fall, winter)
Karousel (fall, winter)
The Fly Birds (fall)


Wanderly Wagon (fall, winter)
Wilde Thyme (fall, winter)
Flash Crabcake Co. (fall, winter)


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