In March 2020, Chartreuse & Company teamed up with Tenth Ward in downtown Frederick for a pop-up retail event in their historic store on Patrick Street. Honeybee Home was asked to bring the event to the next level, and that we did. Katy designed and installed everything from vinyl floor stickers to capture interest from the street, to four foot custom posters in the windows, to chartreuse colored leaves on the ceiling. Probably the most memorable instillation was the black and white continuous image placed on the stair risers leading to the second floor.

In addition to branding the common space of Tenth Ward with the Chartreuse & Company style, Honeybee Home was invited to set up a mini retail space on the first floor.

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This four foot custom vinyl poster was a favorite element at the Tenth Ward pop-up, and served to stamp the Chartreuse & Company style on the event. It hung from the ceiling and was the first thing customers saw when they walked in. The Chartreuse & Company “C” in the store’s recognizable font was custom designed and positioned so that it cast a 3D effect over the poster. Katy then color copied a vintage Audubon butterfly print, cut out the individual butterflies, and suspended them from microfilament so that they appeared to flutter around the piece.

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