Not to be outdone by her older sister’s business, my second daughter, Abby (age 10), was inspired by her cat, Charlie. An animal lover, Abby aspires to be a veterinarian when she grows up. In the meantime, she’s started a company making dog biscuits.

Abby chose large-and-in-charge Charlie cat as the unofficial boss of her company, who quietly directs baking operations from his cat perch in the corner of the kitchen. Abby admits that Charlie is often asleep at his supervisory post and slightly annoyed when disturbed, but that he’s otherwise a good silent partner.

Abby bakes 3 flavors of dog biscuits using all natural food-grade ingredients. Her current flavors are peanut butter pumpkin, honey, and sweet potato, which she bakes in 3 sizes to appeal to a variety of sized dogs.

The name of Abby’s company, The Biscuit Maker, was inspired by Charlie cat, as he often “kneads” soft items like pillows with his front paws, as a baker might knead dough. Charlie enjoys “making biscuits” daily on his favorite pillow before settling down for one of his many daily naps.

Abby will be debuting the sale of her dog biscuits at The Hive Vintage & Handmade Market this fall.

Business card art (above) created and designed by Ella Miller, Abby’s sister.

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