The Hive

The East pasture at Mary’s Land Farm

After nearly 2 years of searching for a home for Honeybee, a friend pointed out a possibility that I’d been driving by twice a day on my way to work. “What about Mary’s Land Farm?”

From the moment I crested the hill and saw the beautiful barns and rolling hills, I knew this was home. Even if this farm wasn’t to be a fit for Honeybee, it was an oasis of serene beauty in the heart of bustling Howard County that I wanted to be a part of.

But the honeybee did fit…

Working with the team at Mary’s Land Farm, Honeybee landed on the 6,400 square foot farm pavilion, and the idea of a vintage and handmade market was born. It has been a dream planning the market, and working with talented artists and vendors from multiple states has filled me with energy, creativity, and drive.

The Hive Market stands for so many things: community, art, nature, and history, to name a few. Working with Mary’s Land Farm’s passionate team who believe in the individual and what’s good in a community is rewarding beyond measure. From talented young musicians who will play at the market, to local food trucks who are working with the farm to cook up farm-fresh specials, to hands-on live demonstrations put on by local businesses, this Market represents the best of Maryland. I look forward to growing this Market each season, and continuing the joy of engaging with the surrounding community.

-Katy Miller, owner of Honeybee Home

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