Big BIG peony

A little shout out to my 12 year old daughter, Ella, who decided to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and start her own little business called “Charmed”.

Ella makes and sells scented bath bombs with a charm inside. “I started with a recipe from my sister’s Girl Scout troop then adjusted it through trial and error until the consistency and scent was just right,” the young entrepreneur explained, “I use all natural ingredients including essential oils. My bath bombs are scented with [lavender, orange blossom and rose]. ” Ella sells her products at local flea markets and bazaars, including a recent sale at the Pink Cabbage. -Lynne Layung,  West Ellicott City Magazine, August 2018

Ella loves bath bombs but was always disappointed when the ball dissolved, the fizz was all gone, and she was left without anything to play with. So, she decided to add a “prize” inside and came up with the idea to hide a unique silver charm inside each bath bomb for kids to collect. “That way, the fun doesn’t end when the bath is over” Ella justifies!

ella close up

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